"It's not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz."  Herbie Hancock


We have been agonizing over the Summer Jazz Course since the beginning of the year and decided to consult a number of people - medical professionals, scientists and, of course, team members. It was felt that aiming at running a jazz course in August was rather optimistic. The pandemic will be far from over and we will most likely be living with on/off restrictions until the end of the year. Social distancing will be with us for quite some time.

The risk of Covid infection will not be under control by the summer. Mature students may have been vaccinated by then and potentially be safe, but we don't feel we can make vaccination a prerequisite for course attendance. There may be applicants who chose not to be vaccinated, and it is unlikely that the younger generation would have had their jabs by then.

Social distancing on a residential jazz course is pretty much impossible especially indoors, both during the daily sessions and the evening Jazz Club. Then there are mealtimes and accommodation in shared flats. The risk factor and potential liability would be a huge responsibility. Added to that are possible insurance implications.

This is quite upsetting. We have been running jazz courses since 2005, and they are an important part of our lives. So it is with a heavy heart that we decided to cancel the 2021 Summer Course.

Dates for 2022 - Sunday 21 to Saturday 27 August